Running is not important to just athletes but to everyone looking to get into perfect shape. When you want to engage in a fun activity that improves cardiovascular and overall health, running is usually the best option. Sometimes, however, this exercise can cause pain and you may not be sure exactly why. One such pain that is rarely talked about is teeth hurting when running.

What causes the pain?


If you are reading this article, then you must have experienced paining teeth while running, and you should click this site. There are few causes of why you feel your teeth hurt after a run and in this article we will discuss them in detail. Below are the leading causes of why the teeth might hurt after running.

1. Infection or cavity

The buildup of bacteria will cause cavity and is one of the most likely reasons your teeth hurt after running. You need to brush your teeth properly and visit your dentist often to remove bacteria from your mouth.

Bacteria will eat through the dentin and enamel, thereby exposing the tooth nerves which will pain after running.

2. Gritting your teeth

When running, your feet strike the ground and shock waves are sent all over your body, including the jaw. When you feel your teeth hurting immediately your feet touch the ground, then this is the most likely reason why.

3. Structural damage


This is not a common reason, however, it is a likely cause if you have had trauma to your face recently. Ensure that your dentist takes a good look at your teeth to confirm that there are no structural damages. The good thing about structural damage is that it can be seen with the naked eye.


Other likely reasons may include sinus infection and poor posture. However, you need to visit the dentist to have your teeth checked.