It is possible that at one time you have visited a dentist for a regular dental cleaning only to find that he or she is recommending you take a deep cleaning. What remains unanswered is why you need to do a deep cleaning instead of the usual regular cleaning. At the time, people confuse this with the dentist’s desire to make more money, while it is not the case.

There are different situations when you will need to do a dental deep cleaning. However, not many of us understand when the right time to do this is. The main aim of this article, therefore, is to answer the question, when do you need deep teeth cleaning?

1. When you have Calculus Layer under Your Gum

Most of us do their best to keep our teeth adequately cleaned. However, it is not possible to remove all the plaque that forms on our teeth every day. Plaque deposits left between teeth builds good habitats for bacterial growth.

Dentist examining a patient teeth

If not removed by a dentist, it hardens to become what we refer to as calculus. Dentists will remove it with special treatment, not the usual cleaning that you attend after every six months.

2. When you have Regular Gum Bleed

If you do not consider removing this layer with immediate effect, your body will start to develop some resistant. You will have swollen red gum that easily bleeds out. The condition is known as gingivitis.

3. If you have Gum Pockets

If you are ignorant enough not to seek treatment, the gum will start to pull away from the teeth forming pockets. Pocket depth of 3mm is considered healthy, but when it is 5 mm and above, the condition raises concerns. And this calls for deep teeth cleaning. If you take no treatments, the pockets will keep deepening. They form habitats for bacteria growth that will end up destroying your bones.

When you are losing more of your bone, your teeth become looser. As a result, you may end up removing them earlier than expected.

Deep Cleaning Treatment

The first step during the treatment is scaling and root planning. For special treatment, you can decide whether to have costly gum surgery or more advanced treatment. The standard dental treatment costs a fair price of $100 with all preventive treatments paid for by the insurers. Deep cleaning, however, is likely to require three times more the standard or the regular cleaning you attend.


Taking deep teeth cleaning is something that doctors will not recommend for the purpose to earn more money. It is true this might be the case, but very rare to happen. It is therefore advisable that you listen to what your dentist is telling you. When you are advised to take a deep cleaning, it means that regular cleaning will not help to stop the condition.

If you have doubts, you can visit another dentist for a check-up. There is also a lot of information available online and provided by professional dentists about deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning will help to keep your teeth and gum healthy and robust. It will help you maintain your teeth for a long time, and avoid premature shedding of teeth. Know your gum, and bone status today, and if the dentist recommends a deep cleaning, do not hesitate to take it.