Students have various things to worry about, like payment of school fees, examination schedules, as well as studying. With such a great deal of worries, it is not surprising that the main thing on a student’s mind is not health insurance. Research shows that 30% of students in college do not own any health cover. The necessity for health insurance is difficult to overlook. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of a good health cover for students.

But Am I Not Covered?

Typically, students are provided with an ordinary medical cover by the school, and some even fall under their parents’ insurance covers. However, prevailing conditions harden the possibility of students being well-covered by college insurance, which may not cover certain conditions.


For example, a student may have asthma may find that the school does not include this condition. Thus, it is worth to have a student health insurance from private providers of healthcare.

Most health insurance companies offer student covers under the insurance of the parents. However, the age of the student has to range within a specific range, usually between 19-24 years, to benefit from this cover.


You have to be an undergraduate student below 30 years and at least six to nine hours of credit. The eligibility measures can differ in various states. The plan can also cover graduate students, as far as they meet the requirements of being full-time students in a recognized University.

The primary benefit of this type of cover is that you have the freedom to select any hospital or certified doctor during a health emergency.

Expenses Covered

This plan covers various expenditures including inpatient prescription medicine, expenses for hospital admission, outpatient and inpatient surgeries, and intensive care. The policy also covers pre-existing conditions after a period of 12 months.


However, this plan does not cover maternity benefits, as many insurance providers do not cover pregnancies.

When to Renew

Health insurance cover for students can be renewed even after leaving college. Situations that this policy does not cover include vision, dental, substance, abuse, mental problems, injuries from sports, pregnancy, and some pre-existing conditions.

Short-Term Student Health Cover

This kind of cover provides short-term benefits to students as the name suggests, usually for a period of six or 12 months. The premiums can either be paid in installments or lump sum. This is the best coverage for students studying outside the country because it delivers the required coverage at a cheaper cost due to its short-term nature.


Owing to the likelihood of illnesses and mishaps, you are recommended to take an insurance cover while in school. However, the key concern is not is getting the right kind of medical cover. When managing high living expenses and tuition fees, the last thing you need as a student is a significant medical cost you cannot afford.

You should research the varieties of covers available and select the right one that best suits your healthcare needs. Illnesses and injury always come unexpected, and if you are insured, you don’t have to worry about it because you know that it’s all covered.