In your search for the best eye surgeons in New York City, have you come across Diamond Vision? Are you wondering if they are the right people to let handle your eye surgery? The eye is a delicate body part and should thus be handled by professionals only. You should seek the help of certified and licensed physicians to carry out eye surgery on you.

Amidst the many eye surgeon centers in NY, Diamond Vision stands out to be the best among them all. Below is an in-depth review of Diamond Vision and why you should make them your preferred Eye Surgeon specialist.

  1. Who Are Diamond Vision?

At diamond vision, it is where you will find the best lasik surgeon nyc. The center is a physician group practice that deals with Lasik surgery. It is an organization that features the best doctors whose main priority is taking great care of your eyes and vision. At Diamond Vision, your eyesight is their main priority.


Diamond Vision is based in Manhattan. They pride themselves in being the very best when it comes to corrective vision procedures in NYC. They have worked with hundreds of patients whom they have successfully assisted in improving their eyesight. The numerous testimonials on their site are enough evidence that the center has an excellent track record.

Where Are They Located?

You can visit their center at 46th St Suite 707. Or you can reach out to them via phone call. Their call centers are active from Monday to Friday, during the day. You can also visit their site for more information or book a free consultation.

What Services Do They Offer?

Other than Lasik, Diamond Vision also provides a couple of other eyes related services. This includes Intralase bladeless Lasik, cataract surgery, vision ICL and much more.


You can also book for an eye exam. You can also get a diagnosis and a treatment plan from the expert eye surgeons at Diamond Vision. The team of experts there will also give you medical prescriptions, eye surgery, eyeglasses prescriptions and much more.

But, Why Should You Choose Diamond Vision?

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of eye surgeons in NYC. But, why should you pick Diamond Vision amongst the many eye surgery centers? Here are the reasons why.

• Excellent Reputation

Did you know that Diamond Vision is the only eye surgery center in NYC that was chosen by Forbes as the top 10 best eye surgery practices? This shows that the center has been able to gain a positive reputation among the dwellers of NYC. When choosing a Lasik surgeon, you should always pay keen attention to their reputation.

• Hundreds of Success Stories

Experience is a critical factor to consider when seeking eye surgery services. Diamond Vision boasts of hundreds of success stories. By choosing them to carry own your eye surgery, you can be confident that it will be a success.

• Dedicated and Professional Staff

Other than the professional surgeons available, the center has more than 25 dedicated and well-trained staff that will see you through your treatment at Diamond Vision. They are friendly and will give you a marvelous experience whenever you visit their center.


If you were looking for the best eye surgeon in New York, then look no further than Diamond Vision. They have a team of experienced eye professionals that use cutting-edge technology to help improve and correct your eyesight. To them, every patient is important and deserves the best treatment.