The fact that a person does not have any diagnosable mental illness does not equal to good mental health. However, it is a crucial factor towards good mental health. Good mental health is indicated by the capacity of a person to accomplish various essential functions like learning, relating with others, handling emotions and management of situations. Mental health can be improved through some lifestyle.

Enough sleep

Sleep is good for good mental health as it assists in the regulation of the chemicals found in our brain that help in the transmission of information. How we manage our emotions and moods mostly depend on these chemicals. Anxiety and depression are symptoms of disturbed minds as well as indicators of bad sleep.

Proper Eating

Much as it is good for our bodies, eating well is a boost to a healthy mind. The minerals needed for balanced moods like vitamin B12 and iron can only be gotten through foods. A balanced diet is a key to brain functionality. Some foods like caffeine too could affect the mental health thus should be avoided. In essence, proper eating will include taking in what is good for the brains and keeping off what is not good.


Our minds require releasing chemicals like serotonin and endorphins which develops the moods. These are founded through vitamin D whose source is the sun. Half to two hours of sun will generate our bodies enough vitamin D. in winter; you realize that most people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder 9(SAD).

Stress management

Much as you cannot avoid stress, it is essential to understand what triggers it in you. Rather than keep issues, it is good to tackle them through one by one. Get a habit of analyzing your situations and especially the stressing ones.

This makes them manageable and also helps to arrange on how to tackle them.

Exercise and Action

When a person is active, there is a feeling of achievement. The activity also keeps the chemicals from the brain boosted thus enhancing proper mood. In exercising, you will realize less stress and anxiety. You will eliminate low moods and lazy feelings. Get used to regular exercises like walking.

Have time for Fun

My fun is not everybody’s fun. Thus your pleasure may not be as fun as recommended but as per your own choice. In short, enjoy yourself for a healthy mind. Some fun activities could be: painting, swimming, watching a video or golfing. Fun releases the mind from irritability and anxiety.

Avoid drugs Alcohol and cigars

Excess drinking depletes thiamine which may lead to deficiency and eventually mental issues. Thiamine deficiency causes coordination, memory and confusion problems. Smoking too is associated with irritability as it causes withdrawal to the brain between cigarettes. Hard drugs have more complex brain disorders such as schizophrenia.


Mental health is synonymous with a total functionality of a person. For a better you, keep your minds rejuvenated through proper mental hygiene. Some abnormalities attract separation and avoidance from those who consider themselves healthy. Endeavor to be normal.