Medical transcription services continue to gain popularity in the medical field. Doctors, researchers and other professionals in the medical field require accurate and timely transcription of their audio data. Insurance companies also require such data when processing claims. There are many medical transcription companies, but do all offer quality services? This is a critical question that should provide leads when selecting the best medical transcription company for your needs. Below are some useful pointers that will be helpful when choosing your service provider.


As a medical practice, transcribed data must be accurate. This is important for both the medical professionals and patient management. An excellent medical transcription service company
must be able to produce accurate transcripts in time. They must have several levels of quality assurance.


Each transcript must go through several experts to ensure that the product is authentic and of top quality. This ensures that any errors in the work will be captured and corrected before the final copy is surrendered to you.


It is true that experience in any field in most times outweighs training. As you look for your ideal medical transcription company, go for one that has long years of service in the industry. If you are working with a company has experienced staff, the probability of getting poor transcripts is eliminated. An experienced company has evolved to know what their clients want and has made necessary changes to avoid costly mistakes encountered by startups.


Experienced medical transcriptionists are versed with medical terminologies, increasing production of accurate data. In addition to experience, the staff must also be certified by relevant bodies as individuals who are capable of offering medical transcription services.

Data security

Medical data is sensitive and can land one in bad teams with the law. Any ideal transcription company must be able to ensure the safety and security of their client’s data. Ask and know the type of software’s they use for data security.

Confidentiality is of utmost importance in the medical field. A reliable medical transcription company must work under a strict code of ethics that promotes and safeguards the privacy of their clients.


As much as you are looking for quality services, the cost is also critical. Different transcriptionists will have varying charges for their services. Quality comes at a price. If you want quality transcripts, look for a company that hires native transcriptionists.


They are well versed with the dialects and accent; thus the probability of errors is minimized. Standard rates in the industry are charged per line, which is usually 65 characters. Request for quotations from several companies and limit your choice on the best. Your choice company should not have any hidden charges. Let them disclose the set costs in the initial agreement.


The speed at which the required data is delivered is critical in patient care. Many reputable medical transcription companies will deliver their work within 24 hours. When you need the data for a shorter period, you will be charged an extra amount for the service.

Avoid companies that offer a turnaround time of more than 24hours.

Customer support

Your ideal transcription company must be able to offer 24/7 support. This is necessary for emergency cases or in a case where you are unable to locate specific files. They should provide email, phone contacts or any other relevant means of communication. The best way to evaluate their customer service is by contacting their former or current clients who will be in a better position to offer the best advice on their relationship with the company and the quality of their service.