Have you ever wondered how photographers integrate beautiful designs into a bright light in their pictures? Painting with light does not require expensive equipment or smart cameras. Beginners can draw images using some basic tools and knowledge in camera settings.

Why is it called light painting?

The light panel is used as a manual source of light such as the brush and a dark environment such as a canvas. Illustrator is a professional photo creator that creates lighting patterns by moving the selected light source, down the camera.

This can be done in a dark room, or after dark outside, using stars as background. It is a technique to add creativity to your photography skills while providing you with training to work with long exposure techniques.

What do you want to paint with light?

If you have a digital camera, tripod holder, and lighting source, you can create images for your optical graphics. You will need to know how to manually adjust the camera on ISO, lens, exposure or closing time.


You will need each one to manually configure it because it will fall in the dark. To use the lighting panel, the exposure time must be too long to capture light movement.

light painting steps

Camera Installation and Tripod Stand: Place the camera on a tripod securely after selecting the backlight (dark or external room).

When locating the light source, highlight the place with a bright object and move the light source in the camera frame. If you do not have the shutter cable to take the picture, you must set the self-timer on the camera.

Camera Settings: Manually set the digital camera to the lowest ISO value available. Availability of ISO 100-200 good results. You should adjust the smaller lens to allow for greater depth of field, including more space where you can move with your light source inside the camera frame. The extended exposure time will take about 30 seconds, but you can try all the settings to work better with the type of environment you’ve chosen.

Light sources: any light source can be used so that it can be creative.

Try the light drawing to see what light sources are getting from the effects you need. If you are applying open flash causes, be certain to follow the security precautions for you, assistants, your team and the area will not be damaged.

Create your artwork: To see the point that has already been marked in the camera frame, move the light source like a painting brush on his canvas. The experience of different movements and lighting sources is not only fun, but you can also see many different effects you can give to your photos.


Post-processing Light Painting: To better edit and optimize your photography, RAW images must be used. RAW images are not possible, and the original images you capture. In this way, original copies can be improved without appearing nicely.

Very easy, you do not need to be an expert photographer. Photography is fun and simple, and you can add stunning effects to your photos. You do not need expensive equipment, just a camera, basic knowledge of camera configuration, tripod, light source, and your creativity.