Bangkok is among the most charming cities all over the world. It is famous for being chaotic, dense, and hosting several unique attraction sites.

The climate of Bangkok is humid and hot, making it unfairly harsh to be outside. It is thus the most unthinkable place to host large running populations. Here is a look at how popular it is running in Bangkok.

Running Parks

Brides-to-be participate in the "Running of the Brides" race in a park in Bangkok, Thailand, November 28, 2015. (Photo by Vichan Poti/Pacific Press/SIPA Press)

At every Bangkok park, there are runners from dawn until dusk. Several local parks are put in place for running activities. Lumpini Park is one of the best parks located in Bangkok downtown, where you will see runners every day at any time. When you get in shape, you can join the running events all over the city.

Bangkok Running Clubs

Bangkok is a home to various running clubs where you can join a global community for people who like running. The local running clubs in Bangkok are welcome and friendly to members of all levels.

You can find out some of the running clubs in Bangkok from this page. These running buddies help each other to improve and make it more fun.

Races and Marathons


Many runs are conducted in Bangkok throughout the year, including those hosted by big international corporations. The standard chartered bank Bangkok marathon is one of the biggest marathons attracting many runners worldwide. More so, there are 5K and 10K races throughout the year.

These runs are conducted to benefit running clubs, charity, and temple run. They provide a great way of exercising, fun, and interaction.


Though there are lots of running activities in Bangkok, the city is infamous for its massive traffic, especially during the day. Nevertheless, there are designated lanes and footpaths for cyclists and runners. Runners should also know that Bangkok is one of the hottest places with stifling humidity and heat. The best time for running is early in the morning between the traffic and heat.