Blisters can be a real pain and a great source of discomfort, especially if you still have longer distances to cover. The blisters can be avoided long before they appear on your feet. In some instances, you may need to handle the blisters to continue with your journey as planned.

Read this article to learn more on how to how to you prevent blisters while walking.

Wear appropriate socks


The socks that you have on will determine whether you get blisters on the journey or not. Choose the socks with the right thickness, perfect fitting socks, and most preferably compressional socks to allow you to walk for long without getting a blister. Choose the socks you wear based on how long you may walk during the day. Ensure that the socks are fresh and clean.

Pay attention to the signs

The body sends signs to indicate that there is some level of injury or stress to the affected areas. The areas which are about to blister start to send signs from an early stage.

To prevent the blisters from developing fast, you should employ the necessary remedy. Use the tape and bandages on the blistering areas. Treat hotspots as soon as possible.

Choose the Right Shoe

Different occasions may require different types of shoes. To void having blisters, you should ensure that you are always donning the correct shoes. After you get the appropriate footwear, you should ensure that the shoe size fits you perfectly. Ensure that your shoes are laced accordingly. To reduce the chances of having a blister, ensure that you have the right insoles.

Ensure That Your Feet Are Lubricated


Friction is among the leading causes of blistering. Lubricating the feet will help you to reduce the cases of blistering which may occur while you are walking. You may use the petroleum jelly, AD ointment, or body glide to keep your feet lubricated. Most of the lubricating agents are not easy to wash off, but they serve the purpose right. Lubricate the right points.

Keep your feet and shoes dry

Good hygiene helps to keep your feet safe from blisters. Ensure that your feet, socks, and shoes are clean before you put them on. Even the tiniest dust particles are likely to hasten the process of blistering.

Ensure that you maintain the highest level of hygiene possible at all times to reduce the chances of getting a blister.

Blisters appear on our feet at the time when we least expect. Above listed are the measure that you may take to ensure that you are safe from feet blisters no matter the distance you walk.