Do gynecologists care if you shave?

You have finally decided to go you visit your gynecologist. Wait, you probably feel very anxious when you imagine the doctor looking up down there. Many questions are running through your mind, like whether they care if you shave. It is good to understand that your gynecologist does not mind much about your grooming habits, and you should always feel comfortable during your sessions.

Wax it, shave it, or go natural!


Waxing or shaving pubic hair has increasingly become popular over the years. Mostly, you should never feel worried if you have not waxed or shaved your pubic hair. Yep, that is right. The gynecologist does not have many opinions on how much hair you have down there. In case you have not waxed or shaved, and have to rush to the next session, know it does not matter.

Do not feel embarrassed

Some women start apologizing if they have not shaved during their session. If you have too much hair around your woman parts or you do not have any, the doctor does not care much how it looks. When you visit a Gynecologist in Lauderdale By The Sea, he or she pays no attention to the state of your lady parts.

About shaving hairy legs


Women with hairy legs tend to feel very uncomfortable during their sessions. They want to present to doctors smooth and silky legs. Rest assured that buying lots of shaving cream to get rid of hairy legs is not necessary.


No matter the state of your pubic hair, it is all up to you. You can wax it, leave it all-natural, all even laser it; the gynecologist will not mind. Just relax and feel free as you undergo your exam. Your gynecologist will be one hundred percent professional.