Millions of Americans are taking health plans with high deductibles or dropping their health insurance coverage. According to various studies, most people of all ages in the U.S lack health coverage and this prevents them from seeking the care they may need. In 2017, statistics showed that 9% of Americans were uninsured and as insurance coverage continues to drop, people are turning to urgent care as the best alternative to primary care doctor’s room or hospital emergency rooms.

What is an urgent care center?

An urgent care center is a part of the walk-in clinic healthcare category where anyone can go when seeking immediate treatment for minor illnesses and injuries.

Dr. Max Lebow examines the ear of 4-year-old Charlotte Anderson at Reliant Immediate Care in Los Angeles. Charlotte's mom brought her to the urgent care clinic because Charlotte was having balance problems.

Most people visit urgent care centers for services they can normally receive at their primary care offices such as cold, flu, burns, fractures, cuts, infections or sore throats. If the condition of the patient requires more treatment than what urgent care provides, the patient is then sent to a doctor’s office or hospital emergency room.

Is it possible to visit urgent care with no insurance?

There are many people who often ask whether they can visit urgent care without insurance. If you’ve been asking yourself the same question as well, the good news is that you can visit urgent care with no insurance. It is also advisable for people with urgent medical needs to visit urgent care centers and even though they charge fees for their services, they will cost less than a hospital emergency room.


You can walk-in any urgent care clinic in Palm Beach for urgent treatment and expect to pay around $100. However, if your illness is more serious and requires more treatment, the doctor may prescribe medications and the cost might be higher.

What you need to understand is that prescription medication is not included in urgent care center charges and anyone with no insurance must pay out of pocket for the cost of any tests, labs, images, and drugs.

For the past few years, doctors at urgent care centers were giving out minimal amounts of medication as samples but they are being discouraged to do so and save those samples for patients who visit the center. Basically, generic prescriptions can highly reduce the cost of medication for patients with no insurance.

Bottom line

An urgent care center is a great choice for any patient with minor complaints that require urgent attention from a doctor. Generally, urgent care centers are handy and affordable and provide basic medical services cheaply even without insurance.