For those who might have gotten their periods right at the time of the obgyn appointment, you should not wonder about this as you aren’t the first one to see this. Pelvic exams are required for issues like the annual checkups and other appointments for problems like, for instance, bacterial vaginosis and other yeast infections. The doctor, at this time, will inspect your cervix and vagina visually. There at times, they will take cell samples to carry out some tests at large.

Right time for those who plan for annual tests

So, for those who plan for their annual tests, they should do this right during the time of their periods. Days back, women were asked to wait until the periods end, but then this is something of the past. It would be best if you got to the personal womens care at the time of your periods so that the cells can be assessed.

Woman In Pain

For those with irregular periods, they should check that through their provider, but then, the scheduled appointment hits on the date of your periods; you should not cancel it, go on with the appointment.

There is a need for the doctor to gather your vaginal discharge samples if you have need bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections tests.

The cells will be examined under the microscope until they determine the problem. At times, there can be some blood present; this can interfere with the ability of the doctor to get correct readings. Unless a person is experiencing severe symptoms, she must wait till the periods end so that results that are produced are accurate at large.



A person can consider leaving her menstrual cup or tampon in till it’s time for the examination if going for the obgyn when on your periods. There are no other things or unique procedures to do other than these before you head to attend an appointment. You at all need not to feel awkward or even embarrassed when visiting your doctor at any time.