Good health is dependent on many factors. However, good food is the most significant player when it comes to health. A combination of certain foods adds up to overall good health. A balanced diet is widely advocated however the balancing must consider only the best. Below we sample the best foods for our health.

Leafy Greens and Vegetables

This is where we get most of our vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Eat different vegetables daily.

Kales: Previously overlooked but gained popularity in today’s diets. Kale is full of oxidants, fiber, vitamin C and other nutrients.

Asparagus: loaded with vitamin K and low in calories as well as carbs.

Bell Peppers: Found in many colors and full of vitamin C and antioxidants.

Broccoli: A family of the cruciferous and has a great taste either in raw form or cooked. It has fiber, vitamins C and K, proteins even though a vegetable.

Carrots: A root vegetable with good taste and color. Carrot is crunchy and comes with much fiber and vitamin K. the Carotene antioxidants it carries are very beneficial for the body.

Cucumber: A very popular watery vegetable low in carbs and calories. It has a variety of nutrients.


Apples: High in fiber and antioxidants. It can be used as a healthy snack. Remember an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Avocados: Different from the majority of fruits. It is creamy, full of healthy fats as well as fiber. It has vitamin C and potassium.

Blueberries: Tasty and delicious. It has a high volume of antioxidants.

Oranges: Mostly famous for vitamin C. however, oranges are full of antioxidants and fiber.

Strawberries: very nutritious and healthy. Strawberry is full of vitamin C, manganese and fiber. It is low in calories and carbs.


Legumes, Dairies, and Fats

Legumes are highly prevalent in these days as opposed to earlier days.

Kidney Beans: These beans are packed with a variety of minerals, vitamins and have fiber.

Lentils: Best of plant-based proteins. They are high in fiber, delicious and a quite much texture.

Full- fat dairy foodstuffs: these are the best of dairies. They lower the risk of diabetes type 2 and obesity. Grass-fed cows have better products higher in bioactive fatty acids.

Cheese: Cheese is highly nutritious with a single slice containing nutrients equal to a cup of milk.

Whole milk: Considered as balanced food. Milk is full of vitamins, animal proteins, minerals and healthy fats.

Yogurt: fermented by adding live bacteria. It has nutrients as milk but with an addition of healthy probiotic bacteria.


Olive oil: Mostly extra virgin oil is meaning its least processed. It doesn’t clog arteries as does saturated fats. It has an advantage of polyphenols just as in tea a property that shocks cancer cells.

Oats: Oats are labeled superfoods and are among the best whole grains. They are high on fiber and have minerals like copper, niacin, and zinc. They help in fighting cholesterol and are a form of topical treatment.

Whole grains: These are the Best source of Carbohydrates and other nutrients as opposed to processed carbohydrates.