Parkinson is a very complicated disease, with an extensive range of symptoms. Currently, there is no cure for this condition, but numerous treatment option exists to help relieves symptoms and to help patients maintain their quality of life. Some of the treatment approaches that exist include medication, surgery, and occupation therapy. Some patients, however, have found alternative medicine to be equally effective or even equally better for Parkinson diseases.

Why you should consider alternative medicine

The symptoms of Parkinson diseases are primarily as a result of low levels of dopamine levels on the patient’s brain. Thus, present medications basically attempt to replace brains dopamine. These drugs are termed as dopaminergic drugs. Their primary aim is to reduce muscle stiffness, helps in coordination, and improving the speed of the movements.


The drug does not work by itself help because it does not enter the brain, but it can help the brain to create dopamine levels which can be at times be beneficial. However, the efficiency of these medications often diminishes over time of which dosage has to be increased dramatically to have the effect required.

This means that many medicines used to treat Parkinson disease have been seen to cause severe side effects, including hallucinations, vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea. In essence, this is one primary reason people seek natural cure for parkinson’s.

What is the alternative treatment?

The term alternative treatment is a medical intervention that has are not part of mainstream medicine given by medical health professions. The treatment is often considered safe or effective to a specific condition. The alternative medicine has extremely been researched and backed up by numerous medical studies.


Today, however, alternative treatment involved the use of traditional neurology treatment with alternative medicine treatment. Some of these methods include acupuncture, Tai Chi, stress management, diet supplementation, herbal treatment, and wellness counseling. Alternative remedies have been found to be equally effective to the dopaminergic drugs but without any side effects. Anecdotal evidence shows that alternative therapy can help with relaxation and reduction of depression.


Acupuncture has been used for years to treat Parkinson disease. Early research indicates that acupuncture can help improve Parkinson disease, reduce stress and depression as well as insomnia. In another study 63% of patient who participated reported to have significant improvement in fatigue.

Tai Chi

A pilot study done in 2008 involving 33 people determined that Tai chi practice has led to movement improvement and overall well-being. Although there is no sufficient evidence to indicate that the method could be an effective intervention for Parkinson disease, some studies have reported seeing significant improvement.

Herbal treatments

Herbal treatments have also been found to be effective in managing symptom of Parkinson disease. Although herbal treatment is not a common choice for patients with this disease, there is still hope especially with the recent legalization of cannabis.

Using alternative treatments

Without a doubt, alternative treatment can be beneficial in some cases, but some treatment is ineffective, and some are very risky. It is therefore important to consult your specialist before trying any new treatment. Remember that self-treatment and delaying standard care could have some serious consequences.