Lightroom is a popular software program used for editing images. Most photographers and designers use Lightroom presets to apply trendy and creative looks on their photos. To get Lightroom presets, you can either download for free on the internet, purchase or create. Editing your photos with Lightroom presets is easy and straightforward. Below is a beginner introduction to Lightroom presets.

1. Why you should use Lightroom presets

Lightroom can be used by various people such as photo editors, photographers, and designers to enhance their images. If you have a batch of editing, adding will help you speed up your work and come up with beautiful images. Lightroom presets, can organize your images in an orderly manner to help you retrieve images whenever you need.


2. How to find and download Lightroom presets

Finding the best presets is easy with the internet. One of the best sites to find Lightroom presets is When searching, make sure that you search for the presets that suit your images.

Some presets are free to download and install while others will require you to purchase. If you want to create your custom made presets, find a site that offers steps to follow when creating.

3. How to organize Lightroom Presets

If you want to edit a bunch of images, you should use the organizing feature in the Lightroom preset. Organizing feature help to keep your images in order as you edit them. You start by creating folders on the Lightroom and adding images that you want to have the same editing features. When you organize your images, it will be easy for you to track them easily.

4. How to use Lightroom presets

Using Lightroom presets is easy and you do not require any technical skills or training. Once you have installed the presets, you are ready to start. You begin by selecting a photo that you want to edit.


Then click on the presets and choose the one you want to apply on the image. You should always check if the editing has taken place by checking the image in another preview window. Lightroom presets, allows users to hover around on the different presets to see how the image looks like after editing.

5. Exporting

Exporting is the same as saving your edited images. Once you have finished editing the photos, you need to export the changes to the final photo. You start by selecting the photos you want to export and choose ‘Export’ on the ‘File’ dropdown.

Once you export, you can decide to print or share them. It is essential to note that with Lightroom presets, exporting your images is the last process in editing. When you export the images, you save all the changes you made.

Lightroom presets, have gained popularity among photographers, social media filters and in marketing campaigns. With Lightroom presets you can enhance the look of your images in various editing designs with a few clicks. If you are a beginner, you should make sure that you understand the above guidelines and have fun when editing your photos.