It is said that the best photographs are made and not shot. Shooting excellent photographs is just part of the process of making beautiful photos. You can transform your photographs to have a breathtaking look through editing. Until recently, photo editing was a preserve of professionals since it took complicated processes and a lot of time to edit a photo.

Thanks to modern technology, you can now edit photos from the comfort of your home on a computer. It is an incredible thing to master photo editing skills be it whether you like posting photos on your social media sites, using them for blogs or on your website. We now take a look at best photo editing tips for beginners.

Settling on a photo editing App

There are numerous photo editing apps that you can use to create wonderful pictures. Some are overly complex while others only require a little bit of training and you will be good to go, making funny photoshop ideas that will leave everyone wowed by your prowess in photography.


With the drag and drop function, you can edit your photos in a minute. This saves you time from having to download photos on the desktop.

Cropping a photo

A photo can be transformed by cropping. It helps do away with parts of a picture that might not be so aesthetically appealing and concentrate on the subject matter in a photograph. You require to duplicate your image before cropping just in case you require further amendments after cropping.

Cropping helps fine-tune but does not change an image. You can for instance crop an image to try and center the subject on a shot, edit distractions or change the format from vertical to horizontal.

Leave room to accommodate tweaks

It is normal for you not make half-baked edits during the first time more so when you are in a hurry. Remember to always save your work in an editable format just in case you require to correct a mistake after editing. This saves you time and effort since you will continue with edits from where you left.


You should always treat your edits as provisional results during your first few days of editing photos since the learning curve is a continuous activity. This helps you to grasp the concept much easily while perfecting your work simultaneously.

Avoid over editing

Most beginners make the mistake of over-editing photos. Editing should not overtake an image’s originality but should rather contribute to its enhancement. Over-editing makes your photos lose their natural touch and blurs the shot. You can avoid over-editing your photos by observing the following:

• Take your photo shoots in a place where there is adequate natural lighting.
• Make steady, straight, and focused shots.
• Take some shots from different angles to increase your options during editing.
• Take shots in a clean background. Photos taken in a cluttered background will at most times require editing making them lose some of their original aspects.
• Take time practicing so that you can take a clear shot.