The ongoing pandemic, as well as everything that comes with it, such as isolation, working from home, and other things, have undoubtedly influenced our mental health. However, even before this situation, the majority of people have experienced stress on a daily basis, and some have even dealt with disorders such as anxiety and/or depression. Thus, anyone who has ever had their mental health influenced in a negative manner knows how much it takes a toll on the other aspects of one’s life – job, appetite, sleeping schedule… but also intimacy. Stress and mental health disorders can harm your relationship and physical intimacy, but the good news is that there are ways in which this can be overcome. 

Be creative 

It feels like we have never before experienced so much anxiety as nowadays, and this results in our lack of desire for intimacy. Also, you may simply feel as if you need a sort of boost and refreshment in your sexual life in order to get that spark back. 

Thus, one of the solutions would be to talk with your partner about implementing new practices, such as trying out new poses or introducing some interesting adult toys. Checking out fun sex toys for women is a good start, and using them can actually help with physical intimacy issues, as well as improve the quality of sex. You can find a variety of toys made for the ladies, and choose the ones you feel would suit you best. 

Another tip that can help you break the boredom in the bedroom would be talking with your partner about both your and his desires and wishes. For example, roleplaying can be quite a fun and exciting experience for both of you, and it can make the days spent in lockdown much more relaxed.

Mental Health and Intimacy

Give yourself a break

It’s not rare that we compromise in order to make our partners happy. This means watching a movie that he chooses or going to that football game even though you haven’t got a clue about football. However, these situations are normal in any relationship as long as they don’t make you feel as if you are pushing yourself beyond your limits just to please the man you love. If they do, you will most likely feel depressed and experience a lack of sexual drive, which will affect your intimacy. 

So, the advice would be to simply be yourself and to take your mental health as a priority. You don’t have to spend the weekend with his friends, you can take those days to enjoy a home spa treatment. If you are currently in a lockdown and are spending all the time together, make a schedule so that one night he chooses the show to watch and you choose the next. Also, try to have some time just for yourself, such as going for a walk or a run in the morning. This will have an extremely positive effect on your wellbeing, and in turn, it will make you be more satisfied with your partner and have more desire to be intimate. 

Use technology

Couples in long-distance relationships who can’t manage to see each other more than just a couple of times a year, experience a lot of stress, anxiety, and can start feeling jealousy and depression. Due to the current situation, many other couples can’t see each other as often as before, which results in a lot fewer opportunities and less desire for physical intimacy. However, if you are experiencing a problem of this sort, try using technology to your advantage. For example, try sexting. Make sure that your boyfriend is not at work, and that he has the time to dedicate to typing some playful texts. Also, try expanding your horizons by enrolling together in an online course that can help you deal with all the matters that the lack of physical touch brings to your relationship, and that will teach you more about, for instance, safe virtual sex.

Mental Health and Intimacy

Finally, it is certainly true that your disrupted mental health influences your sexual life. However, by implementing some of the above-mentioned tips, both you and your partner will notice a significant change for the better.