As Miami continues to struggle with the legalization of recreational marijuana and the government allowing patients to smoke the substance for medical purposes, several medical marijuana dispensaries have been established in Miami to offer these services to the patients who qualify. Clinics are specializing in low or no-THC drugs made from hemp, that does not make you high but can cure your problems. Low-Thc cannabidiol products are legal and can be purchased over the counter from various local stores.

Since the voters in Florida validated the legalization of medical marijuana for relevant conditions in a referendum in 2016, people have accepted the idea behind it in a better way. Here is a list of the best medical marijuana clinics specializing in Miami.

1. Knox Cannabis Dispensary

They specialize in Cannabidiol products, creams containing various THC concentrations, and vape oils. Peria is their latest strain, and it includes some of the best levels of useful medical-grade Cannabidiol in the market.

2. Cannabis Care Clinics of Miami

They are committed to offering professional health care to eligible patients for treatment using medical marijuana under compliance with the law. All patients will be diagnosed by a licensed doctor who has over 25 years of experience in treating severe medical conditions. With their extensive knowledge in the utilization of cannabis-derived drugs, the doctors at Cannabis Care Clinics of Miami are qualified to assist patients to shift from traditional prescriptions to medical marijuana under full compliance with the law.


Once you are approved, their staff will start a registration process to help you get a registry card that allows you to purchase medical marijuana from any registered medical marijuana clinic in Miami.

3. Marijuana Doctor

Marijuana Doctor has helped countless patients in Miami in finding relief from their illnesses. Their team of certified doctors will evaluate you for qualifying conditions to see if medical marijuana can be beneficial to you.

If you are eligible, the staff will assist you with the registration process so that you can get a license to buy medical marijuana from any certified clinic in your region.

4. Curaleaf

Curaleaf provides various reliable medical marijuana products that are created using the most medically precise and cleanest purification and extraction methods in the industry. Their objective is to develop innovative, safe, and effective cannabis products for patients.

Marijuana Testing

They look forward to elevating one of the oldest and most effective methods of medicine from social disgrace to conventional medicine through enhancing the access of patients to medical marijuana, research, and educating patients on the illnesses that medical marijuana can heal.

5. Miracle leaf

It is a marijuana clinic with certified marijuana doctors to conduct diagnoses on whether marijuana can help in relieving patients ‘conditions.

They assist patients throughout the whole process – from the time the patient walks into the clinic to the time they get certified for medical marijuana. Miracle Leaf’s certified doctors work tirelessly o make sure that their patients live better and healthier lives.

6. CannaMD

Before buying medical cannabis from a medical marijuana dispensary, Miami patients need to qualify for certification for medical marijuana. CannaMD offers qualified patients with the recommendations required by the laws of the state to complete the process.

We hope that this article will help you find the best medical marijuana clinics in Miami for recommendations and licensing if your condition qualifies.